Investor Information

Runway Asset Management Holdings Ltd (RAM) is a Botswana incorporated aircraft lease management company that focuses on leasing regional aircraft to operators in emerging markets. Runway Asset Management Holdings Ltd (RAM) is an International Financial Services Centre registered company. 

The founders began operating in the African regional aircraft leasing market in 2006 and have built up a fleet of eleven aircraft that operate in Africa and the Middle East. RAM has analysed the market in detail and identified a number of significant asset acquisition opportunities that will allow the company to leverage the operational platform that has been created and to continue its expansion to become a mid tier player in the world-wide regional aircraft leasing market and a leader in the emerging markets aviation leasing sector, which is currently not dominated by any individual player. 

The identified opportunities comprise a mix of existing, fully leased, portfolios owned and managed by major players in the aviation industry and new lease opportunities introduced by aircraft manufacturers. The prospective portfolio acquisitions have been subjected to detailed internal analysis by RAM management and the next stage is to secure adequate capitalization of RAM to allow the commencement of formal due diligence and final negotiations. 

These opportunities exist due to the strong growth in demand for air travel from emerging markets globally for regional aircraft and also, in part, as a result of the impact of portfolio restructuring amongst existing market participants due to current market conditions. 

RAM’s capital requirements now exceed the capacity of the founding shareholders and thus there is a need for external funding to enable the company to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Business Model 
Key aspects of our successful aircraft lease management business model include: 
  • Identifying the correct markets; 
  • Sourcing of the correct aircraft (typically pre-owned aircraft); 
  • Acquiring aircraft at the correct price (requiring an active presence in and knowledge of the aviation industry);
  • Acquiring the most advantageous utilisation contracts for the aircraft;
  • Developing a close relationship with, and active support of, the operators of the aircraft;
  • Using the most appropriate financing mechanisms. 

In addition RAM’s strategic model is built on the following four pillars: 
  • Risk Management - Critical to sustainability is a comprehensive risk management framework with a particular focus on client credit risk, operating lease risk and asset value risk. 
  • Profit Optimization - RAM has initially focused on Africa’s regional aviation sector due to the long term growth that is forecast in this sector by many over the next 20 years. The company has a broader longer term focus on other major emerging markets which provides for sustainable business expansion and profitability.
  • Yield Maximization - RAM targets optimal utilization of its aircraft by its customers and in order to achieve this RAM actively engages with its clients.
  • Portfolio Diversification – RAM is constantly examining opportunities in different aircraft types, technology and aviation property.
Download the recent presentation made by RAM at the EMI Summit 2010.