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African air traffic set to double – Airbus

posted Sep 17, 2012, 1:38 AM by Michael Adams

14 Fri, Sep 2012

At an Airbus media briefing in Rosebank, Johannesburg, on September 13, the company revealed its forecast for African air traffic.

According to Airbus’s global market forecast, African air traffic is set to grow above the world average over the next 20 years, with average passenger growth rates to, from and within Africa expected to reach 5,7% per annum compared with the world average of 4,7%.

Airbus said international traffic to and from South Africa had doubled in the last 20 years and expected it to more than double over the next 20-year period.

Andrew Gordon, director strategic marketing and analysis for Airbus, said: “There is no doubt that South Africa is helping to drive the development of aviation on the continent. Johannesburg will reinforce its position as one of the world’s aviation mega-cities, a focal point for traffic coming into the region and then connecting these passengers to the rest of Africa.”

Airbus’s market forecast further showed that the African population was growing and the middle class are expected to triple by 2031, with the result that more people would have the means to fly. It said the low-cost market, which amounts to a mere 6% of African traffic today, had huge potential to grow. Most mature markets have a low-cost share of over 30%.

Taking this into account, the forecast predicts that the African aircraft fleet (>100 seats) will more than double, from around 600 aircraft to more than 1 400 by 2031.

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