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Air Transport Market Analysis - June 2010

posted Aug 3, 2010, 6:27 AM by Elaine Bell   [ updated Aug 3, 2010, 7:46 AM ]


Released 28 July 2010

Key points from our full report on air transport markets in June:


  • Air travel and freight markets continued to show strong growth in June. The upturn is back on track after the disruption in April due to European airspace closure associated with the volcanic ash plume;
  • Air travel volumes were up 11.9% in June over the previous year and grew at an annualized rate of 6.2% compared to May;
  • Air freight volumes were up a strong 26.5% in June over the previous year;
  • A decline in freight volumes seen comparing May to June is largely due to the extent of the rise in May - freight still expanded at an annualized rate of 26% over the first half of 2010;
  • Passenger and freight load factors remain high, in the 78% and and 54% ranges, respectively on a seasonally adjusted basis;
  • Capacity in the passenger business has been added at about the same rate as demand increase since the beginning of the year, keeping load factors at a steady high level;
  • In June passenger capacity was added at a faster (10% annualized) rate than traffic;
  • It is too early to tell if load factors have begun to soften - however the significant new aircraft orders at Farnborough remind of the risk of excess capacity returning;
  • Some recent economic news has created uncertainty about economic prospects for Europe and the US, however business confidence remains high;
  • The June data does not show evidence of a slowdown in traffic growth as yet;
  • Stimulus from inventory restocking and government spending is tailing off, but this is likely to drive a moderation of traffic growth over the months ahead rather than a 'double dip'.
  • - IATA Economics -