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Bombardier Keeps First Two CRJ1000 Regional Jets For Testing

posted Dec 17, 2010, 4:16 AM by Elaine Bell


Bombardier has opted not to immediately sell its first two CRJ1000 test aircraft, saying it will use both aircraft for further testing.

The first CRJ1000, prototype 19991, "is not a certifiable production aircraft", Bombardier tells ATI and Flightglobal.

"This aircraft is filled with electronic flight testing equipment and will remain with Bombardier for further additional testing as may be required. It will not be sold."

The first production CRJ1000 aircraft, serial number 19001, is a fully-completed production aircraft that was used for full certification testing (cabin, interior, and baggage compartment testing, etc.), according to Bombardier.

The aircraft will remain with Bombardier for another few months while post-certification testing is completed.

"Eventually, this fully-configured aircraft will be put up for sale, though is not currently available," says the Canadian manufacturer.

Earlier this week Spanish regional Air Nostrum and Air France's domestic airline subsidiary Brit Air each took delivery of a CRJ1000 at Bombardier's Mirabel facility, representing the first two of the type to be delivered.

The second production aircraft, serial number 19002, was never used for testing and "went to Air Nostrum", says Bombardier. "This is the aircraft that was technically accepted this week alongside that of Brit Air."