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posted Jan 19, 2011, 2:44 AM by Rowan Hewitt

Value of firm order backlog climbs, once again, and reaches US$ 15.6 billion

São José dos Campos, January 17, 2011 – Embraer delivered 92 jets during the fourth quarter of 2010 (4Q10), 30 of which to the commercial aviation market, 61 to executive aviation, and one to the defense segment. Thus, the Company closed out 2010 with 246 jets delivered. The firm order backlog, at the end of the year, came to US$ 15.6 billion, which is 2% higher than the amount recorded on September 30, 2010.

Deliveries by Segment4Q102010
Commercial Aviation30100
ERJ 14526
EMBRAER 17019 (+2)*
EMBRAER 1902058
EMBRAER 195417
Executive Aviation61144
Phenom 10033100
Phenom 3001526
Legacy 600/650 and Shuttle810
Lineage 1000 and Shuttle58
ERJ 13511
Legacy 600/650-1

Numbers in parentheses signify operating leases

The last quarter of the year was marked by the certification and beginning of operations of a new Embraer executive jet. The large cabin Legacy 650 is based on the successful Legacy 600 platform. Its spacious and comfortable cabin can carry 14 passengers and is able to fly nonstop from São Paulo, Brazil, to Miami, Florida, in the U.S. Eight Legacy 600 and Legacy 650 jets were delivered from October to December. Also, production of the Phenom jets accelerated. In 2010, 100 were delivered, which is seven more than the previous year, besides 26 Phenom 300s. Embraer also announced an agreement with U.S.-based NetJets, which resulted in firm contract for the sale of 50 Phenom 300s, and another 75 options.

Throughout 2010, the commercial aviation market showed concrete signs of recovery and gradually regained its business activity. Consequently, Embraer sealed contracts for the sale of 97 new airplanes, which is very close to the 100 deliveries made. The following table summarizes the standing of the commercial jet backlog on December 31.

Aircraft ModelFirm OrdersOptionsDeliveriesFirm Order Backlog
ERJ 145 Family
ERJ 135108-108-
ERJ 14074-74-
ERJ 145708-7062
Total -ERJ 145 Family890-8882
EMBRAER 170/190 Family
EMBRAER 1701914018110
EMBRAER 17517327613340
EMBRAER 190478353321157
EMBRAER 195105516441
Total -EMBRAER 170/190 Family947720699248

In the fourth quarter of 2010:

The Letters of Intent signed with Air Lease and Republic, of the U.S., which were announced at the Farnborough International Airshow, in July, resulted in 16 new firm orders for the EMBRAER 190. Another 44 airplanes from these agreements could be confirmed in the coming months;
LAM, from Mozambique, confirmed the purchase of one more EMBRAER 190;
Lufthansa, from Germany, bought eight more EMBRAER 195s (converting another two EMBRAER 190s, ordered previously, into EMBRAER 195s);
CDB Leasing, from China, ordered ten EMBRAER 190s. This order was announced on January 10, but it is shown in the backlog of December 31 as “Undisclosed customer”;
One EMBRAER 190 jet was sold to an undisclosed customer;
Two previously unnamed customers were announced – BA CityFlyer, from the United Kingdom, with two EMBRAER 190s, and Fuji Dream Airlines, from Japan, with one EMBRAER 175;
The 700th E-Jet produced was delivered by Embraer in November and will be operated by BA CityFlyer;
Five firm orders for the EMBRAER 190 by US Airways were cancelled.

In the defense segment, Embraer announced the sixth agreement for establishing the industrial partnerships for the KC-390 program. Negotiations with the Argentine government could result in the sale of six more of the military transport planes, raising the total number of aircraft currently being negotiated to 60. The agreements between Brazil and Chile, Colombia, Portugal, and the Czech Republic were signed during the third quarter. The Company also concluded the first Super Tucano sale in Asia Pacific, after winning a bidding contest for supplying eight light attack aircraft to the Indonesian Air Force. Deliveries will begin in 2012.

Note to Editors

Embraer S.A. (NYSE: ERJ; BM&FBOVESPA: EMBR3) is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial jets up to 120 seats, and one of Brazil’s leading exporters. Embraer’s headquarters are located in São José dos Campos, São Paulo, and it has offices, industrial operations and customer service facilities in Brazil, China, France, Portugal, Singapore, and the United States. Founded in 1969, the Company designs, develops, manufactures and sells aircraft for the commercial aviation, executive aviation, and defense segments. The Company also provides after sales support and services to customers worldwide. On December 31, Embraer had a workforce of 17,149 employees – not counting the employees of its partially owned subsidiaries – and its firm order backlog totaled US$ 15.6 billion.

This document may contain projections, statements and estimates regarding circumstances or events yet to take place. Those projections and estimates are based largely on current expectations, forecasts on future events and financial tendencies that affect Embraer’s businesses. Those estimates are subject to risks, uncertainties and suppositions that include, among others: general economic, political and trade conditions in Brazil and in those markets where Embraer does business; expectations on industry trends; the Company’s investment plans; its capacity to develop and deliver products on the dates previously agreed upon, and existing and future governmental regulations. The words “believe”, “may”, “is able”, “will be able”, “intend”, “continue”, “anticipate”, “expect” and other similar terms are supposed to identify potentialities. Embraer does not feel compelled to publish updates nor to revise any estimates due to new information, future events or any other facts. In view of the inherent risks and uncertainties, such estimates, events and circumstances may not take place. The actual results can therefore differ substantially from those previously published as Embraer expectations.



FIRM ORDER BACKLOG December 31, 2010

Customer (Country)Firm OrdersDeliveredFirm Order Backlog
ERJ 135108108-
American Eagle (USA) British Midland (UK) City Airline AB (Sweden) ExpressJet (USA) Flandre Air (France) Jet Magic (Ireland) Luxair (Luxembourg) Pan Européenne (France) Proteus (France) Regional (France) Republic Airways (USA) South African Airlink (South Africa)40 3 2 30 3 1 2 1 3 3 15 540 3 2 30 3 1 2 1 3 3 15 5------------
Customer (Country)Firm OrdersDeliveredFirm Order Backlog
ERJ 1407474-
American Eagle (USA) Republic Airways (USA)59 1559 15--

ERJ 1457087062
Aerolitoral (Mexico)55-
Air Caraibes (Guadeloupe)22-
Alitalia (Italy)1414-
American Eagle (USA)118118-
Axon (Greece)33-
British Midland (UK)99-
British Regional Airlines (UK)2323-
Brymon (UK)77-
China Southern (China)66-
China Eastern Jiangsu (China)55-
China Eastern Wuhan (China)55-
Cirrus (Germany)11-
ExpressJet (USA)245245-
ERA (Spain)22-
Flandre Air (France)55-
GECAS (PB Air -Thailand)22-
Hainan (China)25232
KLM (Holand)22-
LOT Polish (Poland)1414-
Luxair (Luxembourg)99-
Mesa (USA)3636-
Nigeria (Nigeria)11-
Portugalia (Portugal)88-
Proteus (France)88-
Regional (France)1515-
Republic Airways (USA)6060-
Rheintalflug (Austria)33-
Rio Sul (Brazil)1616-
Satena (Colombia)33-
Sichuan (China)55-
Skyways (Sweden)44-
Swiss (Switzerland)2525-
Transtates (USA)2222-

Customer (Country)Firm OrdersDeliveredFirm Order Backlog
EMBRAER 17019118110
Alitalia (Italy)66-
BA CityFlyer (UK)66-
Cirrus (Germany)11-
ECC Leasing (Ireland)66-
EgyptAir (Egypt)1212-
ETA Star Aviation (India)7-7
Finnair (Finland)1010-
JAL (Japan)1091
Jetscape (USA)11-
LOT Polish (Poland)66-
Petro Air (Libya)22-
Regional (France)1010-
Republic Airlines (USA)4848-
Satena (Colombia)11-
Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudi Arabia)1515-
Sirte Oil (Libya)11-
South African Airlink (South Africa)2-2
Suzuyo (Japan)22-
TAME (Ecuador)22-
US Airways (USA)2828-
Virgin Blue (Australia)66-

Customer (Country)Firm OrdersDeliveredFirm Order Backlog
EMBRAER 190478321157
Aero Republica (Colombia)55-
Aeromexico (Mexico)12210
Air Canada (Canada)4545-
Air Caraibes (Guadeloupe)11-
Air Lease (USA)10-10
Air Moldova (Moldova)11-
Augsburg (Germany)22-
Austral (Argentina)20911
Azul (Brazil)55-
BA CityFlyer (UK)752
Copa (Panama)1515-
Finnair (Finland)13103
GECAS (USA)2424-
Hainan (China)503119
JetBlue (USA)1024854
ECC Leasing (Ireland)11-
Jetscape (USA)844
KLM (Holand)1717-
KunPeng (China)55-
LAM (Mozambique)321
Lufthansa (Germany)99-
M1 Travel (Lebanon)88-
Nas Air (Saudi Arabia)1028
NIKI (Austria)752
Regional (France)1010-
Republic (USA)6-6
Taca (El Salvador)11101
TAME (Ecuador)33-
TRIP (Brazil)2-2
US Airways (USA)27252
Virgin Blue (Australia)18153
Virgin Nigeria (Nigeria)1028
Customer (Country)Firm OrdersDeliveredFirm Order Backlog