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Mexicana Airline go into administration overnight.

posted Aug 5, 2010, 1:18 AM by Rowan Hewitt

Mexicana went into administration overnight. We have collated a brief summary of the airlines fleet and lessors.

The majority of the aircraft in Mexicana's fleet are modern Airbus A320 family aircraft and lessors with these aircraft are unlikely to be particularly worried about the prospect of taking them back and leasing them to other airlines. However, the airline also operates Airbus A318s and Boeing 767s and these aircraft would cause problems for the lessors if they are returned to them. The Ascend Aircraft Ratings product rates the A320 and A330 much higher than the A318 and 767 in terms of value retention because of the big differences in efficiency and popularity between the aircraft types. http://www.ascendworldwide.com/what-we-do/ascend-data/risk-management-data/aircraft-ratings.html

Fleet totaling 69 aircraft

Current Market Value of fleet is $4.16bn

10 - A318
25 - A319
28 A320
2 - A330
4 - 767

4 aircraft on order - A320s.

Of the 69 aircraft 59 are on lease with the following lessors:
AerCap (5)
Aviation Capital Group (11)
AWAS (1)
CIT Aerospace (8)
GECAS (12)
ILFC (12)
Jetscape (1)
Macquarie (1)
Orix (2)
RBS (2)
Sky Holdings (2) 

(Source: Ascend Online)

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