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Premium Traffic Monitor - July 2010

posted Sep 15, 2010, 7:33 AM by Rowan Hewitt

Released 15 September 2010

Key points from our full report on
premium and economy travel in June:



  • Premium and economy passenger number growth remained strong in July, despite rising uncertainties about some economies;
  • Compared to a year ago premium travel was up 13.8% and economy travel by 8.8%;
  • These y-o-y growth rates are comparing travel against a period last year when passenger numbers where rising strong, so rates will fall;
  • Comparing seasonally adjusted premium travel in July with June there was annualized growth of over 10%;
  • This is slower than the immediate post-recession rebound in 2009 but is stronger than Q2, even adjusted for the ash plume impacts;
  • Premium travel growth still appeared to be growing at around double its trend rate at the start of Q3, a sign that the business travel cycle is still strong;
  • Geographical differences remain with Asia generating substantial travel while at the other extreme transatlantic markets remain relatively sluggish;
  • Unusually strong within Europe premium travel is likely to be the result of long haul passengers connecting to European destination through European gateway hubs;
  • Business confidence and world trade are starting to slow but from high levels and are still at a point consistent with at least trend premium travel growth;

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