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IATA NEWS : Premium Traffic Monitor - Oct 2010

posted Dec 17, 2010, 1:35 AM by Elaine Bell   [ updated Dec 17, 2010, 1:40 AM ]


Released 16 December 2010

Key points from our full report on
premium and economy travel in October:


  • The number of passengers travelling on premium seats was 10.9% higher in October than a year earlier;
  • The slowdown in this growth rate from the 12.1% seen in September was largely due to the large rise in premium travel in October last year;
  • After a strong post-recession rebound in premium travel during 2009 there was a slowdown from early 2010 but the trend is still rising at a solid annualised rate of 7-8%;
  • Business confidence has improved in the past two months and is consistent with further high single figure growth in business and premium travel;
  • However, there is still 11% to go before the size of premium travel markets recover to early 2008 levels;
  • By contrast economy travel is already 3% above pre-recession highs and was 7.6% up on the previous year;
  • Most markets are growing but some large geographical differences remain;
  • The largest market by premium revenue, the North Atlantic, remains subdued with just 4.6% premium travel growth in the year to date reflecting economic conditions;
  • By contrast booming emerging market economies have generated premium travel growth of over 22% within the Far East and over 21% within South America in the year to date;
  • So far there are few signs of a significant slowdown in air travel.

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