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Premium Traffic Monitor - September 2010 IATA

posted Nov 17, 2010, 12:29 AM by Rowan Hewitt   [ updated Nov 17, 2010, 3:15 AM ]

Released 16 November 2010

Key points from our full report on
premium and economy travel in September:



  • Premium travel numbers rebounded to a level 12.1% higher than a year earlier in September, compared to slower growth of 6.2% (revised) in August;
  • We had been concerned that business travel drivers were stalling, but business confidence and trade have resumed their growth in recent months;
  • Premium travel markets are growing once more, with positive implications for full service airline revenues in Q4, but are still below pre-recession levels;
  • Economy travel numbers are growing more slowly than premium, with levels 9.3% higher than a year ago in September, but are now well above pre-recession levels;
  • Business travel continues to be the key to overall international travel markets, with business confidence moving higher in major economies but consumer confidence weakening;
  • Large geographical differences in both premium and economy travel remain, with Far and Middle Eastern markets strongest, transatlantic continuing to be relatively weak;
  • Year-on-year growth rates will slow in the next few months, as markets rose sharply during this time last year, but the extent of the slowdown in Q4 now looks less than feared.

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