Our Business

Corporate Profile 

Runway Asset Managemet (RAM) is a key player in the development of the regional aviation sector; connecting local & multinational enterprises with business opportunities in the rapidly developing emerging aviation market..
We have partnered with a wide range of local, regional and multinational market participants and are recognized market players in a number of aviation segments in Africa.

RAM was established in 2006 as an aviation leasing and asset-owning company specializing in leasing aircraft to the regional aviation market and providing specialised finance solutions to a wide range of customers. The company's assets, which consist of a variety of aircraft, are on lease to regional airlines and other commercial users in Africa and the Middle East, as well as across the world. 

RAM's regional aircraft leasing business model has a focus on active lease management in the regional aviation sector in emerging markets. 
RAM Aircraft Leasing
RAM Aircraft Leasing is responsible for the acquisition and placement of regional aircraft on lease to aircraft operators in emerging markets.
RAM Aircraft Management
RAM Aircraft Management is responsible for offering comprehensive third party aircraft management services covering all aspects of aircraft ownership.

Risk Management 
Critical to sustainability is a comprehensive risk management framework with a particular focus on client credit risk, operating lease risk and asset value risk. 

Profit Optimisation 
RAM has initially focused on the regional aviation sector in Africa due to the fundamental attractiveness of this niche over the next 20 years. With a broader focus on emerging markets this provides support for sustainable profitability. 

Yield Maximisation 
RAM targets optimal utilisation of its aircraft by its customers and in order to achieve this RAM actively engages with its clients. This active asset management model is focused on capacity building and enhanced sustainability of RAM’s customer base. 

Portfolio Diversification 
As a result of the proactive nature of the RAM business model, there are continually additional financing opportunities for portfolio diversification available to RAM which to date have included opportunities in different aircraft, technology and aviation property.

RAM Capital
RAM Capital is responsible for offering value added solutions to airlines while reducing the risk exposure, cost of funding and maximising the profit potential of the lessor. RAM Capital’s innovative credit wrapped leases provide the following: 
Synthetic ratings 
Credit enhancement 
Residual Value Guarantees 
Development finance