Products and Services 

Investment in Aviation Services Businesses
RAM is a key player in the development of the regional aviation sector; connecting local & multinational enterprises with business opportunities in the rapidly developing emerging aviation market..
We have partnered with a wide range of local, regional and multinational market participants and are recognized market players in a number of aviation segments in Africa.
RAM has established in-country relationships with key aviation & business entities across the African continent, including:
  • Airlines – passenger & cargo operators
  • Aircraft manufacturers
  • Aircraft operators – ACMI’s & AMO’s
  • Regulatory authorities & industry bodies
  • Banks and other financiers
  • Primary client including oil and gas & mining companies, regional airlines and multilateral aid organisations.
Business presence and relationships established in 33 Countries. We offer comprehensive coverage through Southern, Central and East Africa. Significant presence in key West African cities. 

This network capacity allows RAM to rapidly establish a market presence and distributed operating platform from which to exploit targeted business opportunities.
Aircraft Leasing 
RAM acquires and leases regional aircraft and other aviation assets. 
  • Where the regional airline lessee does not have the capacity to operate the aircraft independently, the aircraft is leased on a branded wet lease basis through a RAM approved ACMI operator. 
  • RAM's strategy is to grow the portfolio through accretive acquisitions of aircraft, while paying decent returns to its shareholders. 
Aircraft Management 
RAM offers comprehensive third party aircraft management services covering all aspects of aircraft ownership. Our aircraft management services include: 
  • Sourcing and origination of aircraft investment opportunities 
  • Sourcing and origination of commercial aircraft debt funding 
  • Sourcing and origination of commercial aircraft leases
  • Asset management throughout the life cycle of the aircraft
  • Lessee credit assessment and provision of credit enhancement products
  • Aircraft lease management and reporting 
  • Aircraft technical support 
  • Regulatory, safety and legal compliance 
  • Insurance solutions, analysis and monitoring

Leasing Administration Services
RAM together with AerData a leading provider of CMS lease and asset management software, provide a unique range of lease administration services. These can be provided to existing clients as part of our comprehensive aircraft management package or to individual client on a ad hoc basis.

For a full review on our services with AerData please use the following link