Lease Administration Services

The Lease Administration Services offered by RAM in partnership with Aerdata, consist of all aspects of population and maintenance of data on assets and purchase & lease agreements. 

The RAM / AerData Lease Administration Services team is highly experienced and has expertise in the legal, financial and technical aspects of asset and lease management.

Some of the advantages of using our Lease Administration Services include:

  • Reduce back office costs 
  • Improve data quality 
  • Additional capacity on demand 
  • Data entry support 
  • Maintenance of assets and contracts 
  • Full or partial outsourcing 
  • Long term or adhoc support 
  • Highly experienced team 
  • Dedicated administration managers



AerData software is offered as a hosted solution supporting all business processes in aircraft lease and asset management. The solution is web enabled and accessible via a secure and encrypted internet connection anywhere in the world. AerData guarantees 24/7 availability of its information systems.

Organizations that use the AerData Software Solution:

  • Have better financial control of leased aircraft assets
  • Reduce exposure through better insight
  • Save money and effort because of the direct interface to existing Financial Systems

 The following areas are supported by the Aerdata Software:

Asset Management

  • Aircraft, Engines, Spare Parts
  • Base Configuration
  • Technical Audit Planning & Forecasting
  • Utilization history
  • Shop visit history

Contract Management

  • Lease core details
  • Lease options
  • Insurance stipulations and certificates
  • Invoicing
  • ETA Management
  • Delivery and re-delivery
  • Status and conditions
  • Non-lease contract (3rd party servicing)
  • Loan contracts
  • Forward Order management

Maintenance Reserves

  • MR Rates for actual and estimates
  • Escalation process of MR rates
  • Claim handling process workflow
  • Recording of utilization and automatic invoicing
  • Lessor contribution
  • End of lease compensation


  • Direct interfaces with financial packages like SAP, Sun Accounts, Oracle Financials, SAGE etc.
  • Administration of Loans
  • Fixed asset ledger with aviation specific depreciation methods
  • Cash management functionality

Document Management

  • Store new documents in CMS
  • Link documents to multiple objects in the application
  • View documents
  • Create document check-lists

Event Management

  • Automatic reminders on critical dates
  • Manual setup of selected events
  • Outlook integration; reminders are sent through email
  • Escalation of events
  • Diary function


Available through the application, webportal and automatic emailing:

  • Portfolio reports
  • Aircraft configuration reports
  • Receivables reports
  • Maintenance reserves reports
  • Lease summary reports

Technical Analysis

  • Aircraft Type economics
  • Technical Event Forecasting
  • Technical Cash Flow Forecasting


  • Asset Placement
  • Pricing
  • (re) Marketing Data Sheet
  • Asset Purchasing


  • User defined reports
  • Powerful analysis of technical, financial and contractual data
  • Easy to use Excel interface